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Looking for specialists in tree services in Manawatu?

Here at Straight Up Tree Care, providing quality tree services across the Manawatu region is our specialty and our experts are trained in the art of safe tree removal, pruning, shaping and general maintenance.

Our team can perform a wide range of services around the area for clients large and small, so no matter how much land you have, ensure the health, safety and beauty of your trees and hedges with Straight Up Tree Care.

For more information about our tree services, or if you have any questions, give us a call on 021 171 5695 or 06 329 4155 (After Hours).
Man performing tree services in Manawatu

Tree felling

From removing overhanging branches, to removing entire trees, when it comes to tree services the team at Straight Up Tree Care can take care of the job with precision and safety. If you have a large old tree on your property that is worrying you, you cannot afford to wait.Call us in Manawatu today and we can prevent needless, and potentially hugely expensive, catastrophic outcomes.
Tree stump

Stump removal

If you have tried DIY stump removal before, you probably will have discovered that the tree's roots go much deeper and further than you originally thought. Luckily the team at Straight Up Tree Care have a range of techniques and the right equipment to remove even the deepest stumps. Old stumps in your yard can be an unsightly mess, so call our team today and we will have your yard looking great in no time.
Well kept hedge

Get in shape

Our tree services in Manawatu encompass proper shaping so that your gardens not only look their very best but the foliage is encouraged to grow properly, maintaining the health of your trees and hedges. From simple pruning and trimming to shaping that carefully transforms the look of your foliage.
Contact Straight Up Tree Care and we'll make the most of your gardens in a snip!
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